Finding Money

What is Financial Aid?

Scholarships and grants – money that does not have to be paid back
Loans – money that does have to paid back
Work/study – money you have to work for

Where does financial aid come from?

Federal government – Free Application for Federal Student Aid form (FAFSA)
Colleges and Universities – The schools you are applying to provide your financial aid package each year. They may also have merit and/or need based scholarship money
Other sources – Foundations, corporations, your high school and community

If you want the money, here is what you have to do

  • Apply to schools meet the deadlines and optimize your chances for aid
  • File the FAFSA form by February 1st (
  • Read your school’s Scholarship Bulletin Board
  • Contact the financial aid office of the schools you have applied to determine how you apply for scholarships at that particular school
  • Check with your parents’ employer and organizations they belong to and see if they offer scholarships
  • Create a profile on a scholarship site such as Fastweb (

Have you heard the expression first come first serve? This definitely applies to financial aid. The sooner you apply, the greater chance you have of receiving it.